More Dental Diagnostic Tools: Intra-Oral Cameras, Study Modals, and CariVu

Continuing on from our previous post, there are other kinds of diagnostic technology that are frequently used in dentists’ offices. Learn more about them below, so that you’re better prepared for your next in-office visit.

Intra-oral cameras

Intra-oral cameras are super small cameras with built-in lights; these allow for your dentist to get a closer view of your teeth and gums, all while ensuring the patient’s comfort. Using an intra-oral camera, videos and images can be taken of your mouth that help your dental care team assess your oral health. Common issues that require examination from an intra-oral camera are plaque, cavities, diseases of the gums, and breaks in your teeth or fillings. Your dentist can also use that content to properly diagnose you and develop appropriate treatments.

Study models

A tangible copy of your teeth provides your dental care team with a fantastic tool to better examine your mouth structure, as well as plan out treatment options on the model rather than requiring you in the office. Impressions of your teeth can be taken using an alginate compound, and models can then be poured using plaster material. The process is painless, fast, and the results are well worth a moment of discomfort. And when you do come into your dentist’s office, the study model can be used to better explain and demonstrate to you the details of your dental condition — plus what your dentist will do to treat it.


laser-assisted hard tissue evaluation If you look closely at your teeth, you may notice that they are actually translucent, meaning that light is able to pass through them. CariVu leverages that translucence and sends a painless and completely safe laser beam into the tooth that helps reveal changes to the tooth’s color, as well as physical breaks or cracks. This technology also helps your dentist find the specific spots where many kinds of internal tooth decay — such as cavities — exist. Your healthy tooth tissue appears a transparent white, but cavities will show up as much darker. CariVu is particularly favored by dentists because of how it yields great results and is entirely non-invasive. Tools like CariVu allow your doctor to accurately spot problems and prevent them from worsening into more complex cases. As you continue to learn about the diagnostic dental tools out on the market, speak with your dentist should any questions or concerns arise. Ultimately, these technologies provide your dental care team the ability to give you the highest quality of care — comfortably and quickly.

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