The Benefits of Detailed Comprehensive Dental Diagnostics: What Are They and Why They Matter

It’s important that your dental care team consistently assesses and evaluates your oral health over time.

 Routine dental exams are critical to maintaining your oral health, as they give us a chance to check in on you and keep tabs on any changes to your dental conditions. A routine dental exam traditionally includes a thorough look at your teeth and gums, but more modern, comprehensive exams might also include an assessment of your whole mouth, head, and neck regions if needed. Considering these areas gives your dental care provider a more holistic understanding of your dental health. To further these diagnostic efforts, we also implement a variety of innovative technologies in our dental practice to improve your care experience. The main goal behind using these technologies is to identify issues before they become more complex, costly, and potentially harmful to you and get the best, most stable and long-lasting treatment outcome. These technologies include digital x-rays, intraoral and extra-oral photos, bite pressure scans, masticatory muscles evaluation and there are many more — all of which allows your care team to more easily assess and address potential oral health problems. These tools will help us provide you with the most efficient, effective treatment options available on the market. Imagine that you are an intense night-time tooth grinder. You grind and clench your teeth while you sleep, and you notice over time that you’re developing jaw pain and tension headaches. This might not seem so bad over the short-term, but down the line, you could be looking at debilitating TMJ disorder and worn down, exposed molars. If your dental care team scans your jaw during your routine dental exam, they can find issues like this, and mitigate them before they blow up.

Overall, consider the following benefits that you’d reap from these diagnostic tools. 1. You’ll save time. Your in-office visits will often require a shorter duration of time, as our modern technologies expedite many procedures and examinations that used to take much longer. 2. You’ll save money. Finding and fixing dental issues before they become problematic can mean massive savings for your bank account. Oftentimes, emergency procedures or treatments can be very expensive — so get ahead of them. Engage in thorough preventative healthcare measures; you’ll thank your past self, and so will your wallet. 3. Your overall oral health will improve. Because your care team can remediate your issues before they cause permanent damage, your tooth health will naturally get better. Your dentist will be able to work with you to offer customized treatments that directly address your unique dental concerns. Don’t procrastinate. Reach out to your dentist’s office today and learn more about the technologies we use to make your care experience the best it can possibly be.

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