Dental Fillings in North Bethesda, MD

We are a metal-free practice that only offers composite fillings. Composite fillings – also known as tooth-colored fillings – are dental restorations designed to be inconspicuous and natural in appearance. They blend well with the teeth and appear more natural than amalgam fillings, which are darker and more easily seen by other people. Composite fillings are made of two major components, resin base, and ceramic filler. This chemically bonds to the teeth, meaning more intimate close contact and chemical adhesion to the tooth surface ensuring a complete seal between the tooth and restorative material. Dental composite is a multi-component versatile material with numerous features and endless benefits that can be customized for patient-specific needs such as prophylaxis and prevention for patients with a high risk of a new carious lesions formation, teeth sensitivities, predisposition to bacterial plaque collection and gingival inflammation, etc.

Our office consistently researches dental advancements so that we can offer revolutionary innovative products to address each of our patient’s individual needs. This depends on the nature and properties of composite materials and individual components. The material can be specifically selected, which maximizes treatment outcome and longevity of restorations provided. One recent advancement that has revolutionized dental fillings are bioactive restorative materials. Bioactive restorative materials are used to fill cavities, while also stimulating the tooth tissues to regenerate, preventing future decay, improving the lifespan of restorations, and lowering the risk of infection. Additionally, we use diverse materials to facilitate postoperative adaptation, prevent postoperative pain, and prevent bacterial recontamination from forming a new carie.

Did you know that composite fillings allow dentists to preserve more of the natural tooth structure? This is because composite materials chemically bond to the surface of the tooth like an adhesive and don’t require additional tooth preparation for better retention allowing a more conservative approach. The process takes slightly longer to complete than traditional amalgam fillings, but patients can preserve more of the natural portion of the teeth while (benefits offered by more advanced restoration that is discreet and understated.

Post-treatment care instructions and additional information can be found on our “Video “page under post-operative instructions.