PRF in North Bethesda, MD

Biomaterials have been included in regenerative therapies in multiple medical fields for almost twenty years. The first use of platelet concentrates in regenerating and repairing tissues occurred in France. Dr. Joseph Choukroun developed this technique at the Private Pain Clinic of Nice, France. Dr. Choukroun achieved his results through the super concentration of platelets, growth factors, and other cells. This concentration was trapped in a fibrin matrix that allowed focused application. The results have led to ongoing research and development of this technique in multiple areas. Dentistry is just one medical science that has benefitted.

Understanding The Role of Platelet Rich Fibrines In The Healing Process

This high concentration of platelets in a fibrine network promotes multiple healing processes. Blood clots more easily, binding these platelets together. This binding permits the formation of new tissues by keeping bioactive components, blood, and tissue cells close to the site. Other cellular structures are involved and lend their benefits to the process. White blood cells, for instance, prevent infection and remove waste such as dead cells. The stem cells that are present promote the generation of new cells. These factors allow PRF to promote the regenerative process after surgery. They also support the healing of bone and tissue while reducing the risk of infection.

When used in dental applications, regenerative therapy requires the removal of damaged or destroyed tissues. This process has several benefits over its predecessor PRP, or platelet-rich plasma. PRF provides the following benefits:

  • Control of the immune response, stimulating it for more significant effect. 
  • Recruitment of stem cells
  • Closure of the wound
  • Source of cells and chemical components that aids the healing process throughout
  • Improved quality, density, and volume of healed tissue is superior with PRF
  • No additives are required during preparation

At our office, we take advantage of this technique in many regenerative procedures. PRF is used to aid in the regeneration of both hard and soft tissues. Through this process, the bones, gums, and other tissues can experience the greatest potential result. We will suggest the use of this process following surgical extractions. The boosted healing rate, pain management properties, and low infection rates limit the need for antibiotics and medication for pain control.

PRF is also appropriate for improving the results of the extraction of teeth beyond restoration. It provides benefits that aid in the preparation of placing dental implants. It has been shown to improve jawbone density, heal infection in both bone and gum, and reduce the time necessary for healing. All of these properties result in a superior experience from dental implant surgery.

Learn More By Speaking To Your Specialist

The above information serves as the foundation for our choice to include PRF in our practice. We provide consultation about the benefits of including platelet-rich fibrin in procedures during consultation. During this consultation, you’ll be able to discuss the procedure and how including PRF can help improve your results. Reach out to our office to receive a consultation and begin planning your treatment or regenerative dental procedure today.